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Transitional Housing Program

    The transitional housing program provides qualifying individuals and families with six months of transitional housing at

    minimal cost. The goal of the transitional housing program is to create long-term housing opportunities for individuals and  

    families through continued educational and qualification requirements.  When successful, individuals and families

    participating in the program, have the opportunity to become regular tenants of the housing community.  The transitional

    housing program may also provide assistance on a case-by-case basis with furnishings, personal effects and food once an

    individual and/or family qualifies to enter the program.

    HopeLift Help

    To accommodate the overwhelming need, HopeLift interviews families referred by the Council for the Homeless and other  

    community agencies.   Should you know of someone in need, please have their case manager contact the Council for the

    Homeless to arrange an interview for potential program participants. 

    Council for the Homeless

    2500 Main Street

    Vancouver, WA  98660 

    (360) 694-2501


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