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HopeLift History

    Clyde Holland, CEO of the Holland Partner Group, was volunteering with his son, Tyler, at one of Vancouver’s seasonal    

    homeless shelters.  Tyler turned to him and said, “Dad, can’t you do something about this?  They seem like good people

    that just need help.”  So, Holland retrieved a strategy once used when an employee with cancer needed help – allowing

    caring colleagues to donate paid time off so she could complete treatments and return to work. ​

    In 2009, the challenge began; so a home could be provided for several working families that were in desperate need of safety

    and shelter.   The effort was originally dubbed the Homeless Challenge. The challenge continues, and with a new name:  

    HopeLift.  The name is an acronym for Housing of  Promise Exists Lifting Individuals and Families in Transition. 

    HopeLift is helping families and individuals pay for this bridge from despair to stable housing — and asking other

    companies to pitch in, too.


© HopeLift

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