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Who We Are

    HopeLift  is an acronym which stands for Housing of Promise Exists Lifting Individuals and Families in Transition.  

    This is the foundation of HopeLift’s mission. ​​


    Our ​Mission 

    Housing of promise exists lifting individuals and families in transition.  HopeLift offers keys that will open doors of 

    opportunity giving hope and lifting spirits to those who find themselves without housing or in danger of losing their homes.      

    Supportive housing from HopeLift will help to avoid or exit the shelter system and provide an opportunity to move into 

    housing within the community.  It provides a bridge for those suffering from unforeseen circumstances that have put them

    in a situation where the community can lend a helping hand in resolving their temporary housing crisis.  Housing crisis can 

    happen to anyone and anywhere for various reasons such as lack of unemployment, health issues or disaster relief.

    It is the mission of HopeLift to reach out and assist those in crisis by providing temporary housing, education and tools for 

    self-sufficiency promoting the progression into permanent and stable homes.

    Our Values

        “A Lift Up, Not A Hand Out”  

    Helping families return to self-sufficiency by providing more than a bed and a meal and focusing on creating

    long-term solutions to homelessness, not temporary fixes.

        “Unlocking Opportunities”

    Teaching families the life skills they need to rapidly secure and maintain a stable income, family support and  

    permanent housing to ensure their long-term self-sufficiency.  Making lasting differences in the lives of people in need.

HopeLift is making lasting differences

in the lives of people in need.

© HopeLift

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